‘Get Well Soon Yoongi’: BTS ARMY Wishes Suga Speedy Recovery After Shoulder Surgery | Billboard

According to the statement, Suga has long suffered from a variety of symptoms from the injury, including the inability to raise his arms above his head and “sudden bouts of pain” that required ongoing physical rehab and treatment during his career, which unfortunately did not help relieve his symptoms. Symptoms increased in recent years, affecting the singer on stage and in the course of his daily life.

“Suga also felt that it was important for him to restore himself to good health to prepare for his mandatory military service as well as his post-service musical career,” according to the statement. “After extensive discussion with the company, the decision was made to undergo the surgical procedure.” To focus on recovery, Suga will step back from most official activities for the time being and will begin physical therapy once doctors feel like he’s ready and return to the stage when he’s fully recovered.

However, they noted, “It may be difficult for Suga to meet his long-awaited fans for some time, including for the upcoming BTS BE album promotional activities. We apologize to every fan who has waited patiently to meet Suga again, and we ask for your generous and loving understanding.”

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