Cardi B Admits She’s ‘Very Hard on Herself,’ Especially When She’s ‘Winning’

Cardi B oozes confidence in everything she does, so it’s hard to believe that she’s her toughest critic.

The rapper opened up in her cover story for Footwear News, just a month before she’s set to receive the style influencer award at the FN Achievement Awards. “I’m such an ambitious person,” she told the publication. “I feel like I lost so much. Now that I’m winning, it’s a very addicting feeling.”

I can go to sleep with the No. 1 record, but I’m going to sleep and thinking, ‘I need my other album to go No. 1,’” she continued. “My sneaker sold out so fast; I need my next sneaker to sell out. I always wonder if I’m going to be satisfied.”

On November 13, Cardi is set to drop her Club C sneaker collection with Reebok. On her birthday in October, the rapper released a limited pairs of the shoe, which sold out instantly. The Cardi B Club C sneakers feature a black and white design with a see-through sole, and are available in toddler and adult sizes.

“I’m very hard on myself,” she admitted, despite her success. “I’m hard on my entire team. We don’t focus on nobody else, we are just focusing on our last — the last music video, the last collaboration, we always compare it to our last best. We want to do better and better. When I do something positive and when I see my things selling out or my record doing pretty good, I get this crazy rush of happiness, but then it’s this rush of overwhelmingness that makes me want more [and] want more.”

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