Anuel & Ozuna’s ‘Los Dioses’ Debuts Atop Latin Albums Chart | Billboard

Biggest Week for Any Non-Bad Bunny Album Since Last June: Los Dioses earned 29,000 equivalent album units in its opening week — the largest week for any album not by Bad Bunny since last June. The last non-Bad Bunny set to post a bigger week was Anuel AA’s own Emmanuel, which debuted with 39,000 units at No. 1 on the June 13, 2020-dated chart. (Between Emmanuel and Los Dioses, two Bad Bunny albums have logged nine weeks larger than Los Dioses‘ starting sum.)

Los Dioses Leads Thanks to Its Streaming Weight: Out of Los Dioses’ total opening sum, 23,000 stem from SEA, which equates to 34.4 million on-demand streams for the set’s songs in its opening week. It’s Anuel AA’s second-best start following his own Emmanuel, which launched with 55.8 million on-demand streams (June 13, 2020). 

Hot Latin Songs Take Over: As Los Dioses arrives, the complete 12-track effort debuts on Hot Latin Songs, two of which secure a start in the all-metric list’s top 10. “The most challenging part was choosing the single as I liked many songs.” Anuel adds. Let’s take a look at the rankings: 

Rank, Title

No. 5, “Antes”
No. 8, “Los Dioses”
No. 16, “100”
No. 17, “RD”
No. 18, “La María”
No. 23, “Nena Buena”
No. 25, “Nunca”
No. 27, “Dime Tú”
No. 30, “Municiones”
No. 32, “Perreo”
No. 35, “Perfecto”
No. 42, “Contra El Mundo”

“I believe the most challenging part was organizing our times,” Ozuna adds. “We both have really different schedules, but we managed to make it happen.”

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