Taylor Swift TikTok Fan Predicts What ‘Folklovermore’ Tour Could Look Like | Billboard

“Over the past few years, I wrote three very different albums,” he began in his Swift-inspired TikTok sketch with the highest view count, spoofing her usual style of introducing songs on stage.

“And even though we haven’t yet had the chance to hang out and sing them together, I can hear you guys screaming every single lyric. And I write a lot of lyrics. And I’m also just so humbled that after this whole quarantine, you chose to spend one of your first nights in public hanging out with me, so thank you. Even though these three albums are different, I find that there’s three consistent facets: stories of lovers, folklore tales, and nights like this that can hopefully last … forevermore,” Lario quipped before playing the opening chords of Evermore‘s title track. (See the whole thing here.)

“I think for me, this quarantine, like a lot of you, was filled with media and music and films and love stories … set in June, July … And love triangles in August,” he said in another video on TikTok set to the fake cheers of an imagined crowd. He then launched into a mashup of “August” (off of Folklore) and “Cruel Summer” (from Lover), mixed in with a 1989 gem, “Out of the Woods.” (View it here.)

He even filmed what might happen the next time Swift invites a special guest to her stage, guessing that it could be Olivia Rodrigo, whose hit song “Drivers License” got an early co-sign from Swift.

“I think for me, one of the most important parts of these unprecedented times was listening [to] and supporting emerging artists, whether it be on social media or … in your car. So, one of my favorite songs to sing is this next song, and I just sang to it today while driving. Through the suburbs,” he said, playing the first verse of “Drivers License” and bringing out “Olivia.” (Watch it in full here.)

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