BTS’ V Confirms Solo Mixtape: Watch | Billboard

In the minute-long clip, V reveals there will be 13 tracks on his forthcoming project. And he’s not the only member of BTS who’s been hard at work on solo material. Jungkook’s new blue hair made fans jump to the conclusion that his own mixtape, which has been nicknamed “JJK1” after his real name Jeon Jung-kook, would be dropping this year. Similarly, fans have been tagging V’s upcoming mixtape as “KTH1,” after his name Kim Tae-hyung.

Last fall, V revealed during a live broadcast that the BE track was originally supposed to appear on his solo mixtape, but the rest of the guys heard it while filming their variety TV show In the Soop and thought it would make for a great addition to their group album. V then started writing the lyrics in Korean, since he originally intended to sing the song in English. And during his interview with Weverse Magazine in November 2020, he confessed that he wrote “Blue & Grey” during his “lowest point.” 

“I wrote ‘Blue & Grey’ when I was at my lowest point, when I was actually asking whether I could keep going with my work or not. Even the fun parts of work became a chore, and my whole life felt aimless,” he said. “‘Where do I go from here? I can’t even see the end of the tunnel.’ Those kinds of thoughts hit me hard.”

Watch BTS’ “BE-hind Story” teaser below.

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