Red Velvet Irene Draws Mixed Reactions for Visuals at Gaon Chart Music Awards — Here’s Why | KpopStarz

Red Velvet Irene Draws Mixed Reactions for Visuals at Gaon Chart Music Awards — Here’s Why | KpopStarz

The visuals of Red Velvet member Irene at the Gaon Chart Music Awards ceremony drew mixed opinions. Keep on reading for all the details.

Red Velvet Irene Draws Mixed Reactions for Visuals at Gaon Chart Music Awards

Red Velvet member Irene was one of the most famous names at the Gaon Chart Music Awards on January 27, 2022. Many people discussed the idol’s visuals on South Korean community forums and social media sites, with her looks drawing mixed views from internet users.

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Many pointed out that Irene suddenly had wrinkles during the red carpet photos, making her less youthful. Internet users were saddened by Irene’s appearance, saying that her visuals have degraded a lot compared to her peak. This is not the first time Irene has been criticized for her visuals this year. On January 1, Irene caused worry for her skinny, haggard visuals.

However, during Red Velvet’s performance, Irene caused a fever with her visuals. Several photos of Irene performing on a throne made their rounds online, and people claimed she exuded an aura of royalty. The images became viral on several community forums, proving Irene’s popularity.

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The difference between her visuals during the same day, at the same event caused confusion among internet users. People wondered how she could look so different in a span of hours. Some speculate that Irene’s make-up was slightly ruined due to her mask during the red carpet session, and her stylist was able to touch it up before the performance, making her look somewhat better for the stage.

Overall, the opinions concerning her visuals remain mixed. Some comments read, “Even though she is older now, she is still beautiful,” “Irene’s beauty is getting worse day by day,” “Celebrities are people too. So stop judging,” “Her beauty is not the same as before. After the scandal, I don’t want to see her anymore,” and “Even though Irene’s beauty has decreased, she is still prettier than antis.”

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Red Velvet Activities

On January 27, Red Velvet won the “Artist of the Year (Digital Music – Monthly” award for “Queendom.” They won the August 2021 division.

(Photo : Red Velvet Twitter)

Red Velvet is set to release their first Japanese studio album “Bloom” with the title track “Wildside.” “Bloom” was meant to be released on February 2, 2022, but was postponed on January 14, 2022, due to production reasons.

On January 1, 2022, Red Velvet performed at the free online concert “SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU EXPRESS@KWANGYA.”

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