Podcast 444 | Mixed Music Chart: DJ Merci – KaySoul – Tilman – Pat FM – Space Ghost & more.

Podcast 444 | Mixed Music Chart: DJ Merci – KaySoul – Tilman – Pat FM – Space Ghost & more.

Featured Mixed Music.

I’m back with a new curated podcast episode featuring a new mixed music chart playlist full of new and future music gems. Ranging from chill electronica, futuristic beats with a lot of those classic 90’s vibes. All the way to more of those deep disco and soul infused house beats to top things off with well constructed and must have 4 to the floor grooves.

Available on vinyl & as a speechless DJ mix.

There are 23 tracks selected for this mixed music chart with a few of them again available as vinyl and all of them in this hosted mix which you can also listen to as a ‘speechless DJ mix’ when you sign up here on Apple Podcasts or here on Mixcloud for the premium section.

Future gems to lookout for.

Releases to watch out for are the brand new and currently forthcoming EP by South African, Johannesburg based producer KaySoul who drops a fantastic new release titled: Frequency Rays of One Cosmic EP on the German Dirt Crew imprint. The frequent in Dirty Disco played Tilman drops a new release on the very often featured Bristol based electronic music label Shall Not Fade. Expect that solid groove and well arranged productions like we are used to from Tilman.

Deep Disco jazz & soul infused & 90’s vintage p*rn music vibes.

If you are more into that deep disco vibe infused with soul and jazz samples. The new ‘Innervisions’ EP by DJ Merci is worth checking out. Released on the often played Russian Dobro label. If you are more in your comfort-zone with laidback, low-tempo chill electronica and beats that remind you of those good old 90’s vintage p*rn movies. The new tracks by: K15, Roza Terenzi, JD, Joe Morris and Space Ghost in the first 20 minutes of this episode are for you.

Solid 4×4, four to the floor dance floor burners.

When you made it through the full exclusive mixed music chart show we’ll end up with a few solid dance floor burners with that authentic 4 to the floor vibe from DJ Minx, and closing with the new superb release by Honey Dijon – Work on the Classic Music Company featuring artists she collaborated with Ft Dave Giles II, Cor Ece & Mike Dunn. This track will also be on her forthcoming ‘Black Girl Magic’ LP.

Dirty Disco 444 Tracklist.

This week’s new mixed music chart show is once again fully inspired and fueled with passion and love for the music, by the music, lovers and for the music lovers, DJ’s and other music professionals. Please do enjoy, get in touch and spread the love. Thanks for tuning in!

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelEP / Album?Rel DateFormatK15When We DecideIndecisionEsenciaEP21-1-22DIGRoza Terenzi & JDBedtime RitualThird NatureStep Ball ChainEP27-1-22DIG & 12”Joe MorrisAppalachian CloudsRiver Of StarsShades Of SoundsEP24-1-22DIGSpace GhostTuff WorldDance Planet (7 Specials)TarteletEP28-1-22DIG & 12”Space GhostDeep (7” Mix)…

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