Wanna One Tops K-Pop Radar Weekly Chart with THIS Music Video | KpopStarz

Wanna One Tops K-Pop Radar Weekly Chart with THIS Music Video | KpopStarz

Wanna One’s comeback song receives achievement since its release! As expected, the single tops K-Pop Radar’s Weekly Chart.

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Wanna One’s ‘Beautiful (Part 3)’ Music Video Tops K-Pop Radar Weekly Chart

Wanna One’s “Beautiful (Part 3)” music video makes it to the top of K-Pop Radar’s weekly chart! The MV took first place on the chart with 8.12 million views during the 6th week of the K-Pop radar counting period – from January 30, 2022, to February 5, 2022.

In fact, Wanna One’s “Beautiful (Part.3)” music video boasted great popularity, reaching 5 million views within three days of release. In response, K-Pop Radar said, “Despite its release in three years, it took first place.”

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As of February 8, the “Beautiful (Part 3)” music video now has 13,067,672 views on YouTube.

Wanna One’s ‘Beautiful (Part 3)’ Topped iTunes Chart in 14 Countries and Regions
The new song “Beautiful (Part.3)” of Wanna One’s new digital single “B-Side” was released last January 27 and it appeared on the iTunes Top Song chart in Australia, Chile, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and more! It topped the charts in 14 countries and regions.

In addition, it is ranked in the TOP 10 in a total of 20 countries and regions including Canada, Italy, Turkey, and the UK, and continues to perform well worldwide.

(Photo : Twitter: @WannaOne_twt)

Because of their comeback, they reaffirmed their passionate love for Korea. It is unusual for a boy group to enter Melon’s TOP 100 within an hour after its release last January 27.

Moreover, it is showing its potential by ranking at the top of various online music charts such as Bugs.

Wanna One Releases New Song after 3 Years

Wanna One’s new single “B-Side,” is released after three years; it replays the time of Wanna One and Wannable, which had been stopped during the activities with the album “A-Side.”
Meanwhile, “B-Side” conveys the message “I will always be by your side” as it is seen from the title “BeSide.”

Moreover, “Beautiful (Part.3)” is a new song introduced by Wanna One during the “2021 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards).”

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The most rhythmic version of the “Beautiful” series, “Beautiful (Part.3)” adds the appealing voices of the 11 members and is like a gift to fans who have been longing for the comeback of Wanna One. The song combines a lyrical and mournful melody on a hopeful and upbeat beat.

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In addition, since their comeback, Wanna One reached 1,101,340 monthly listeners on Spotify, and the number just keeps on increasing day by day.

Wanna One Opens YouTube Channel

On the 25th, Wanna One opened an official YouTube channel and started a full-fledged comeback.

Last January 25, Wanna One opened an official YouTube channel which started their full-fledged comeback.

(Photo : 1st Look Twitter)

The YouTube channel was introduced as an “official archiving account.”

The videos of Wanna One’s past activities are uploaded one after another on the channel.
As of February 8, the channel has 121,000 YouTube subscribers.

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