Can You Make An Apple Music Pie Chart? What You Need To Know

Can You Make An Apple Music Pie Chart? What You Need To Know

Everyone is excited about Spotify’s Pie chart, but can Apple Music users get one too? On Spotify, users can generate a pie chart that analyzes the type of genres the person has listened to in the past month and what they listen to the most. Each artist is categorized into different genres. In addition, the tool generates a list of artists the user has listened to. Users can then take a screenshot of the chart, the legend and the list to share on social media sites.

This application made by a UCLA student is exciting because it means users don’t have to wait until the end of the year to share what music they are listening to. Every year, Spotify offers a Wrapped feature for users to see the 100 songs they listened to the most throughout the year and share it with their followers on social media. Spotify has added multiple new elements to this feature over the years. For example, it gave more notice to podcasts in 2020 and introduced quizzes to test users’ knowledge of the music they listen to.

Unfortunately, the Spotify Pie chart application doesn’t work with Apple Music, and no one has created a tool for that specific app. The only way users can see their top music is through the ‘Top 25 Most Played’ playlist. This is a collection of music users have listened to the most for their entire time on the app, and not just the month or year. Another downside to this is users can not share it on social media.

This is a bummer for Apple Music users that would love to have the same kind of fun features to share with their followers. Apple does have a similar tool to Spotify Wrapped called Apple Music Replay, but it doesn’t have as many features. It also isn’t shareable like Spotify Wrapped. Instead, it gives a playlist of the 100 songs a user listened to the most, as well as a list of artists. Unfortunately, it wasn’t made for social media.

These days if something is not shared on social media, it didn’t happen. Plus, companies are engaging with their customers more on social media. So, fun, sharable content like this is devoured by users. One might wonder why people stick to Apple Music when they could have more fun features on Spotify. It is also the most used music streaming platform. Some Apple Music users might not care as much about social media. The app is also the only place fans can watch Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour film. So, Swifties will want a subscription to relive that concert over and over again. Apple Music is also connected to users’ Apple ID, so it may just be a convenience to use this service. And some people are all in on Apple products, so they might be more likely to use Apple Music over Spotify.

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