‘Hold me closer’ Britney spears and Elton John collaborates on this song; tops the music chart

‘Hold me closer’ Britney spears and Elton John collaborates on this song; tops the music chart

fans shower their love makes it to the top after few hours of release

Britney Spears has been an iconic pop star. Recently she announced a collaboration with Elton john. Finally her ‘hold me closer is out. Her collaboration with Elton John is finally out, leaving fans happy. Fans really liked this collaboration. The most amazing thing is that within a few hours, it became number 1 on all the music charts. Fans are loving the song and praised their love on the ‘ toxic’ singer.

The one thing that made this song special is its timing. Britney has made a comeback after a gap of 6 years.

Both the iconic singers were working on this song for quite some time now. The idea of the collaboration came up when the two singers met each other back in 2014. Britney met Elton in an award viewing party of Elton’s AIDS foundation academy. After the meeting Britney made many tweets praising Elton john. She showered her love for his tiny dancer. After those tweets fans speculated that there might be some collaboration between the two. Subsequently Elton John realized that Britney spear’s vocals would be perfect for his upcoming new record.

Elton John has showered a lot of praise on spears. He said that working with Britney was a delight because she is a true icon in a real sense. Furthermore he mentioned that Britney has brought freshness to the table. Also, he mentioned that they have created a piece of art and he is in love with it.

Meanwhile, Britney also showed her gratitude to Elton john. She thanked the legendary Elton for having her on the project. Furthermore she said that having her on board is such a beautiful thing that happened to her. Also, she mentioned that she feels thankful towards Elton John that he has considered her. Having a chance to work with such a great mind seems to be a blessing for britney as she mentioned it.

Interestingly, Britney Spears has deleted her instagram account. Soon after she deleted her instagram account she gave a reason on twitter. She said that she chooses happiness. Furthermore she revealed that she has realized that she has to protect her space and energy. So ahead of releasing the song she made this decision. She urges her fans to remain brave and courageous in the face of adversities. Also, she expects the same energy to be in her two sons.

Further she revealed that her meditation is helping her to preserve her peace and happiness

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