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Elvis has been on the charts more times than any other artist or group. Elvis has the most hits in the Top 100, the Top 40, The Top 10, and has had 32 Number 1 Records. Elvis is the only artist inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Country Music Hall of Fame, The Gospel Music Hall of Fame, and The Rythm and Blues Hall of Fame. To know what were the biggest songs in France you should go to the French chart sources (described in the “Song Charts” page). However, we’ve never had much luck getting French charts. The data value changes when new data is added or when old data is fixed.

We understand that from 1936 to 1958 the charts were irregular and didn’t have a consistent form. Hi — Yours it without a doubt the most useful single resource for music I have ever seen, outside of Youtube, but I very nearly did not find it. I’d been looking for some time for a website that pooled and synthesised chart information, and despite diligent searching only wound up stumbling on your project through the links from another site. Having identified all the songs that were in the charts on a particular day how should we present them? One option would be to just list them, but given that we have both many more entries within each chart than just these 5 and more than just these 8 charts that could be excessive.

So the first number shows that the algorithm is the same, the second shows the parameters are different and the final one shows that the source data has been refined. In 2012, Paul McCartney recorded an album of standards called Kisses On TheBottom, a phrase from Fats Waller’s 1935 hit single “I’m Going Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter”. Waller’s song was recorded on 8 May 1935 and went up to Num 3 in the charts.

In addition for the last couple of days the result has failed some of our quality tests, so we have had to correct some elements and resubmit the job . Yes, one of us made a mistake while blocking spam messages from Russia 10 days ago. If anyone would like to collect, manage and host a set of music clips we would be interested to discuss how we could collaborate.

Garth Brooks is rated as one of the top-selling album acts of all time, but inspite of several recognizable hits, he fails to chart any song at all among the top 5000 of all time. Why do you suppose virtually any album he released rocketed up the charts, whereas his songs are not represented here in spite of their seeming ubiquity at the time? If it’s because they weren’t popular outside the rural American market, wouldn’t that be true in similar extent of his albums as well? By adding up all the scores from days in a given month we can get an idea of which songs and albums were the most successful for any time period. Sheeran, the biggest pop star on the planet, had just released his third album, ÷ . By this point, more people were streaming music than buying it and Sheeran’s fans listened to the songs from ÷ over and over again, more so than they did any other songs during the next seven days.

Camila Cabello released her third solo album ‘Familia’ on 8th April. The singer had previously revealed the track list of her album which includes songs in English and Spanish, including her hit song ‘Bam Bam’ with Ed Sheeran. Charlie Puth’s viral hit Light Switch proves it has legs, jumping up 9 to a new peak of Number 31, while two young stars on the rise gain their first UK Top 40 entries today. London-based singer-songwriter Cat Burns jumps 13 spots to Number 34 with Go, while LA TikTok darling Em Beihold’s Numb Little Bug vaults ten places to Number 36. The only main listing where she’s above those acts is in the “Success in the 1990s” chart.

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