Hanteo Chart Honors 30th Anniversary Through Offline Music Awards | KpopStarz

Hanteo Chart Honors 30th Anniversary Through Offline Music Awards | KpopStarz

To commemorate its 30th anniversary, Hanteo Chart will lead the event Hanteo Music Awards 2022. 

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Hanteo Charts To Commemorate 30th Anniversary

Hanteo posted its announcement and is anticipated by many, knowing that it will be the first award show Hanteo will host.

According to Hanteo Global CEO Kwak Young Ho, the event will be hosted at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul, starting from February 10 to 11, 2023. He added that Hanteo Music Awards will be held annually in the format of an offline ceremony.

The ceremony is a must-watch for K-pop fans, given how much K-pop gave impact and success to the music industry throughout the years.

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Hanteo Music Awards 2022

Seeing how the music styles evolved, it’s also a delight for fans who appreciates every genre. It is without a doubt that Hanteo has played an enormous role in propelling the Korean music industry in its peaks, until now. It is the first music chart in Korea to accompany the K-pop industry to collect real time data and analyze its chart for artists’ releases.

CEO Kwak Young Ho added:

“This award ceremony will be a meaningful occasion to look back on the history of Hanteo Chart and look back on 30 years of K-pop. We will make it a place where many global fans can enjoy it together.” 

More details about the event will be announced soon.

Hanteo’s Humble Beginnings

To traverse through its history, Hanteo was founded in 1988, where it was designed to collect album sales in real time and analyze data. It is the biggest chart system associated with the Korean music industry, followed by Gaon.

The difference between Gaon and Hanteo is that Gaon computes the total of produced albums, without including the sales, so it will be difficult to assess how much of release’s popularity can arise.

Gaon charts are usually used for awardings by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Hanteo calculates actual sales in real time basis. It’s system records data only for confirmed and purchased items. It is utilized in music show calculations such as Inkigayo, Show Champion, Music Bank, etc. It is considered a “record of individual album sales” from either physical products or digital releases.

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Hanteo has grown with the Korean music industry for three decades, and will most likely be of service for years to come. The system is synchronized in over 1,500 records stores worldwide, while giving quality management of the album sales, data, and tracking of digital releases.

K-pop fans will be assured where their purchases will go and how will it affect on the charts. Considering Hallyu wave’s current popularity, it only adds up to more successful groups, artists and music quality.

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